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Paradromics is building the first high-bandwidth brain machine interface. Our technology will enable a new generation of neural prosthetics, with the fundamental goal of changing how neurological conditions are treated.

We are looking for talented scientists and engineers to join our team. If the positions below don't match your area of expertise, we'd still love to hear from you. Please send us a cover letter and resume to

Procurement Specialist / Buyer

Paradromics is looking for a Procurement Specialist to join the fast-paced team at Paradromics. Ideally, this person will have several years of purchasing and receiving experience of which we can rely on to help us establish traceability of our products. Paradromics is a fast-growing company and this position provides the opportunity for significant career growth.


  • Purchasing, Inspection, and Receiving of goods
    • Sourcing and managing suppliers including bids, performance, capability
    • Issuing PO’s
    • Interfacing with staff and vendors
    • Negotiating terms
    • Managing data to support sourcing decisions
    • Deploying best practice procurement tools and negotiation skills
    • Optimizing supplier performance and minimizing risk in the supply chain
  • Reconciliation of expenses and costs
  • Lead bring-up of new inventory system
  • Collaborate with accounting firm for bill pays
  • Tracking and archiving equipment/hardware
  • Logging and tracking software licenses

Additional responsibilities may include:

  • Document Control
  • Anticipating lab supplies


  • Ideal candidate will possess:
    • 2+ years of procurement, buying, or document control experience
    • Contract development and review experience
    • Proven ability to effectively partner with suppliers to improve overall supply chain performance
    • Ability to identify opportunities to improve supply chain performance
    • Knowledge and ability to identify cost drivers
    • Willingness to adapt to fast-pace environment and self-starter personality are a must
    • Experience with financial tracking & purchasing software
    • Knowledge of best practices
    • Excellent communication skills, written and oral, as well as interpersonal communications skills for effective interfacing with internal and external stakeholders
    • Project management and problem solving skills
    • Computer literate including excel, pivot tools and macros
  • Ideal candidates may possess but not required:
    • Degree in Supply Chain management is helpful
    • Prior startup experience
    • Medical Device experience

In addition, the successful applicant must be willing to relocate to Austin, TX, with the Paradromics Team at the end of 2018.

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to



Paradromics is looking for a talented individual to join the expanding in-vivo team in Austin, TX. The in-vivo team specializes in testing new hardware and technology as well as performing exciting neuroscience experiments in novel clinical translational models. This position will require close interaction with the hardware team and therefore the ideal candidate will have worked across both disciplines of engineering and neuroscience in relation to biomedical devices.

Basic Requirements

  • BS in Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience or relevant other disciplines
  • Knowledge of systems neuroscience (Motor, Visual, Auditory)
  • Basic Programming knowledge (e.g. Matlab)
  • Electrode Array implantation experience
  • Surgical experience for electrode implantation
  • Electrophysiology knowledge and application

Ideal candidates may possess, but not required:

  • MS + 3 years industrial experience or PhD in Biomedical engineering or Neuroscience or relevant other disciplines
  • Deep knowledge of systems neuroscience relating to Brain Machine/Computer Interface
  • Surgical experience in a variety of translational preclinical models
  • Advanced programming knowledge (e.g. Python, Matlab, C etc.) in relation to systems neuroscience based analysis
  • Experience in advanced Electrophysiology (analysis techniques, denoising set ups, using multiple data acquisition systems)
  • Histology knowledge - immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry etc.
  • Experience implanting multiple Electrode Array types

In addition, the successful applicant must be willing to relocate to Austin, TX, with the Paradromics Team

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to


Temporary Entry-Level Engineer: Maker & Tester

Paradromics is looking for an early stage scientist/engineer to join our core hardware and fabrication team for a fixed duration of employment immediately through Dec 31st, 2018. The Paradromics team is preparing to relocate to Austin, TX at the end of 2018 to accommodate our expansion.

The job will be a healthy mix of ad hoc construction of laboratory apparatus, process development, small scale manufacturing, and performance characterization. While every day is different, we are looking for an individual who can support our engineering team on a day to day basis and enjoys building fascinating things.

The ideal person will take devices from ordering material all the way to prototype testing, and has experience working in a precision laboratory environment. In the process, the candidate is expected to contribute to optimization, SOPs and technical and process related feedback.

Be ready to discuss a few things that you have made.

  • Required Skills and Qualifications
    • Eligible to work in the U.S.
    • Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, physics or engineering.
    • Excellent hand skills, strict attention to detail
    • Able to take devices from ordering material all the way to prototype testing
    • Ability to keep accurate lab records
    • Organized and capable of multi-tasking and time management
    • Comfortable with at least three of following: 3-D printing, CNC milling, PCB design, soldering, microcontrollers, acid-base titration, wirebonding, photolithography
    • Experience with basic data analysis (Excel, MATLAB, etc)
    • Hands-on experience with CAD design

Job Title: R&D Scientist

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to