At the heart of Argo lies a custom CMOS array of low–noise, high–speed amplifiers.


Supporting this CMOS is essentially a miniaturized data center. It handles the 30 Gb/s data stream produced by the full frame, 39 kHz, 256 x 256 channel CMOS.


Digitization of this data is performed by 32x, 12–bit, 80 MSa/s ADCs and encoded by an FPGA which communicates with a performance PC over a single optical fiber bundle.


Technical Specifications

Specification Value
Body Dimensions 175 x 115 x 105 mm
Power Supply 5V / 3A
Channels 256 x 256
Sample Rate Up to 39 kHz
Input Range ± 5 mV
Digitization 12 bit
Input–referred Noise < 10 µV
High–Pass corner 100 Hz (tunable)
Input Impedance > 1 TΩ
Input Capacitance < 0.5 pF