Welcome to the Pub!

In this new podcast, Paradromics Founder and CEO Matt Angle hosts an informal salon with some of the most influential figures in neurotechnology.


The best pub experience! Connect with the discussion via embedded links to the labs, papers, and published works of our guests.

Guests: Amanda Pustilnik, Tim Brown, Leigh Hochberg, and Sydney Cash
Guests: Carsen Stringer, Konrad Kording, Chethan Pandarinath, and Vikash Gilja
Guests: Stuart Cogan, Vanessa Tolosa, Thomas Stieglitz, and Loren Rieth
Guests: Vikash Gilja, Beata Jarosiewicz, Sergey Stavisky, and Frank Willett
Guests: Cindy Chestek, Tim Harris, and Flip Sabes