Paradromics is excited to announce Thomas M. Krummel, M.D. and Ron Kelly are joining the Board of Directors.


Dr. Thomas Krummel – Co-Director of Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign, former Chair of Department of Surgery at Stanford, Chairman of the Fogarty Institute.

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Krummel has been a pioneer in the application of information technology to simulation-based surgical training and surgical robotics. Dr. Krummel, along with Dr. Kenneth Salisbury, Professor of Surgery and Computer Science, is the recipient of one of the first NIH Phased Innovation R21/R33 programs to develop collaborative simulation-based surgical training systems. For his work in this area and in surgical robotics, he has received two ComputerWorld Smithsonian Awards.

Dr. Krummel co-directs the Stanford Biodesign program. He is Chairman of the Fogarty Institute for Innovation Board of Directors and President of the International Scientific Committee at IRCAD, University of Strasbourg, France.

He has served in leadership positions in many of the important surgical societies including the American College of Surgeons, the American Surgical Association, the American Board of Surgery, the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and was the President of the American Pediatric Surgical Association for 2013-2014. Dr. Krummel has lectured throughout the world, is author or co-author of over 300 publications, chapters, abstracts and books and he has mentored over 200 students, residents and post docs.


Ron Kelly – President and CEO of Ambature, Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Since 2013 Ron Kelly has helmed Ambature to develop breakthrough technology in A-axis thin films for application in the high temperature superconductor market. Ambature’s technology has application in MRI’s and diagnostics, sensors, wireless communications, integrated circuits and clean energy distribution and storage.

Mr. Kelly is the former President and CEO of Medicalis Corporation, a healthcare technology company based in the Waterloo, Ontario. Prior to joining Medicalis, Mr. Kelly served in board and management positions for Mitra Imaging Inc. and TLC The Laser Center Inc. He has extensive experience in negotiating technology licensing with large multinational corporations such as IBM, GE, Philips, Siemens, Johnson &amp, Johnson, Essilor, Walt Disney, Pepsi, Burmah Castrol and McKinsey.

Mr. Kelly has been very active in working with the US and Canadian governments to help them understand the value of technology as part of creating greater quality and efficiencies in the healthcare industry, including a recent Federal law which was passed in the US to introduce evidenced based medicine as a means to stem unnecessary imaging exams. He was one of 2 lawyers assigned to the Estey Inquiry respecting the Gander Aircraft Crash that killed 256 US Military and crew and was an Adjunct Professor in Contract Law at The University of Western Ontario for 2 years.