Article by Matt Angle “The Neurotechnology Age”

The life-altering potential of neurotechnology is finally being realized. The ability to implant devices in the human brain has existed for decades, but thanks to major advances in computing and surgical techniques, neurotechnology is entering a golden age. Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are helping people walk, see and speak when they couldn’t before. And these are just the first steps.

The next generation of neurotechnology offers solutions that will bridge the gap between science and science fiction. The brain-computer revolution will have as profound an impact as other great innovations — such as the optical lens, vaccination, the computer modem, and integrated circuits — that paved the way for human development, wellness and betterment.

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Article by Matt Angle "The Neurotechnology Age" - BCI: Futurism or skepticism?
BCI: Futurism or skepticism?