Our technology

Paradromics is bringing to market the first high-data rate brain computer interface. We envision a future where data is exchanged seamlessly between brains and computers. Conditions such as blindness, paralysis, and mental illness, which today are considered untreatable, will be reframed as data problems with technological solutions.

Introduction to Paradromics

Our technology: Illustration of Paradromics' first application - An assisted communication device
Illustration of our first application: An assisted communication device

First application

Our first product will act as an assisted communication device, restoring fluent conversation to people with severe paralysis who have lost the ability to speak or type.

Technological differentiators

We are developing an implantable system that can be used for practical healthcare applications by vastly increasing data rate, portability and durability. Moreover, we are building best-in-class neural data decoding capabilities to convert complex neural recordings into data streams that can be fed into any downstream neural prostheses.

1. High density neural interface

World-highest density electrode array with up to 10,000 channels/sq cm to enable next generation neural applications

2. Minimally invasive design

Fully implanted and discreet form factor with microwires smaller than 20µm in diameter

3. On-chip data processing

Real-time spike detection and feature extraction in-situ.

4. Robust packaging materials

Metal and ceramic packaging for maximum system durability

Our technology: Illustration of Paradromics' implantable brain computer interface
Illustration of Paradromics’ system

Interested to learn more? Contact us at: info@paradromics.com

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