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Treating Connectivity Disorders

    Paradromics is developing high-volume, bidirectional data streaming capabilities between brains and computers. Our neural interface technologies will initially be used to help physically disabled patients reconnect with the outside world – with infinite possibilities beyond. 

   Blindness, deafness, paralysis, ALS, and amputation – all of these conditions fundamentally involve the breakdown of communication between the brain and the outside world.

So what if patients with connectivity disorders could interact with the world through a direct computer link?

    In an instant, an entire ecosystem of digital devices and online services would be available to compensate for a patient’s loss of biological connectivity. A blind person could see through the aid of a digital camera. A paralyzed person could order groceries, receive them at the door, and then invite a friend for dinner, all without moving a muscle.

Together with our government, academic, corporate and clinical partners, we are developing high-volume digital connection capabilities for the human brain.