Our Team

Founded in 2015, Paradromics is a team of domain experts and technical visionaries dedicated to the mission of addressing critical health issues as solvable technical problems through the use of BCI technology.

Management Team

Matt Angle, PhD

Founder and CEO

James Burrows, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Yifan Kong, PhD

Chief Engineer

Robert C. Morfino, MBA

VP of Strategy & Business Development

Kunal Sahasrabuddhe, PhD

Program Manager, NIOB

Technical Leads

Kevin Boergens, PhD

Hardware Team Lead

Robert Edgington, PhD

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Aamir Ahmed Khan, PhD

Signal Chain Team Lead


Ryan Betzold

R&D Scientist

Chris LaReau

Principal Engineer

Yeena Ng


Peter Orel, PhD

Senior Engineer

Daniel Pouzzner

Principal Engineer

Aditya Singh


Ali Stuckey

Executive Assistant to CEO

Scientific Advisors

Nick Melosh, PhD

Scientific Co-founder
Materials Science and Engineering Professor, Stanford University

Andreas Schaefer, PhD

Scientific Co-founder
Neuroscience and Physiology Professor, University College London

Konrad Kording, PhD

Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Vikash Gilja, PhD

Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of California, San Diego